wooden calendar Four seasons - additional material

wooden calendar Four seasons | additional materialIt is the best support when learning the calendar. All important dates like day, month, season are printed on the wooden boards of the wooden calendar. By turning the boards the child can set every day the correct date. The children are fascinated by the colourful season pictures. The calendar is manufactured in a sheltered workshop. Due to the emotive illustration you can use the wooden calendar for elderly people, too. Example of use: The teacher can introduce a calendar service in the class. That means day by day another child is responsible for putting right the calendar. The set is composed of 1 ground board, wood, approx. 34 x 34 cm; 4 illustrations „Four seasons“, wood, approx. 21 x 16 cm; 2 illustrations „Four seasons“ boards, wood, both sides printed (spring, summer); 6 months plates, wood, both sides printed (January, February) 4 days plates, wood, both sides printed (Monday, Tuesday); 6 numeric plates, wood, both sides printed for the daily date.

Orders are at the moment only possible on our german homepage. For more details look at wooden calendar Four seasons at our german homepage.

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