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small tablets baric, set of 24 components | material of sensesThree boxes each with seven small tablets „Barisch (baric)“. One of the boxes is made of easy wood, one of middle weight, one of heavy wood. The easy small tablets „Barisch (baric)“ are light – coloured, the heavy tablets are deep – coloured. Examples for using: To the child are offered several various small tablets. The child chooses them according to the weight. For children with more experience you can use a cloth to patch the eyes making the exercises more difficult. Control of success: First of all the colours of the small tablets Baric might help for controlling. Using a pair of scales the success might increase. The article consists of 1 box, heavy, with 7 small tablets baric, 1 box, middle – weight, with 7 tablets baric, 1 box, easy, with 7 small tablets baric. The material is made of wood, varnished Dimension: box: approx. 10 x 9,5 x 7 cm, tablets (baric) approx. 7,5 x 5 cm

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