Seguin boards I & II in a set - mathematic material

Seguin boards I & II in a set | mathematic materialSeguin board I (0-10) Hereby the article contains 2 boards each divided up into 5 fields. Each of the 5 fields of the first board and 4 fields of the second board contain the number of 10. The last field of the second board remains empty. Hereby there are 9 small plates with the numbers of 1 to 9 which can be drawn to the zero fields. Seguin board II (11-90) On the first board there are the values of 10, 20,30,40 and 50 and on the second board the numbers of 60,70,80 and 90. The last field remains free. There are 9 small plates with the numbers of 1 to 9 on which the zero fields are drawn. Example of use: to introduce the number of 11 to 99. The 2 boards of I or II are lain upon each other. An adult takes the value 1, puts it on the zero field of 10 and says 11. The adult does the same with the other numeric plates. Then the child is asked for to do it itself. To emphasize the values the mathematic dize might help. With the plates the values 11 to 99 can be presented. Control for success: The serie of the numbers has to be right and no numeric plate is allowed to remain. The article contains 2 keeping safe boxes, approx. 33 x 14 x 4,5 cm; 4 boards, each approx. 31 x 12 x 1,8 cm; 18 numeric small plates, each approx. 6 x 7 cm;

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