sandpaper numbers, green, 0-9 - mathematic material

sandpaper numbers, green, 0-9 | mathematic materialThis article provides 10 special touching plates with numbers of touching felt stuck with glue. In tracing and touching of the numbers the children learn the numbers. Next to the respective number there is any place left to put some chips to count up. Example of use: the child traces the number and is able to do corrections when leaving the felt area. Hereby the child pronounces loudly and clearly the number, for example: one. When the child has learnt some numbers you can put them on the table and ask the child to find out any determined number. The article consists of 1 keeping safe box, approx. 16 x 9,5 x 8 cm; 10 plates with the numbers 0-9, each approx. 14 x 9 cm; material: wood, felt

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