roman bridge, large, set of 35 elements - additional material

roman bridge, large, set of 35 elements | additional materialThe roman bridge is the only Montessori material dealing with architecture and edifices. It shows the child in a comprehensible way in which way arches in the past and in the future are constructed. Moreover, the roman bridge supports the fine motoric skills. Examples of use: the basis board of the roman bridge is set on the table. Then the form of the arch between the side frames is set with the supporters. Then you might start carefully constructing the bridge. It is finally finished and performed when placing the last element. Control for success: Especially with tens material the control check is solved fantastically. When the bridge holds after having set the last component, the exercise of the roman bridge is solved. When the bridge crashed down in the single components, the master builder is supposed to start again. The article contains 1 basis board with started side frames, 34 bricks, 1 supporter for constructing (3 components) material: wood, varnished Proportions: finished, approx. 37 x 9 x 33 cm

Orders are at the moment only possible on our german homepage. For more details look at roman bridge, large, set of 35 elements at our german homepage.

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