pupil learner watch - learning the time

pupil learner watch | learning the timeThe pupil learner watch has been developped to teach the clock in the lessons. The clock hands can be moved with the fingers, hereby the respective other hand clock moves automatically to the right position. At the backside of the watch you will find a wheel with which the clock could be set on. Additionally the learner watch is manufactured in this way that any pupil in the elementary school can easily be analysed and compose it with some simple handles. The learner clock disposes of 2 instrumental dials (1 12 o`clock, 13 24 o`clock) which can be used separated or together. Even the clock hands can be used individually to separate the running of hours and minutes in the teaching lessons. On the backside you will find the speed transformation which can be used for demonstrating purposes. Examples of use: Thanks to the large variety of applications of the learner watch almost all applications are unlimited. The examples of application lead from easy understanding of time to the function of the clock with the technical speed transformation. Material: very stable, massive plastic proportions: approx. 11,5 x 10 x 2 cm

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