pearl stairs with mounting, 1-20 - pearl material

pearl stairs with mounting, 1-20 | pearl materialThe pearl material is the ideal mathematic material. The various number of pearls and the different colours represent respectively the value of a figure. Numbers are presented comprehensively and can be differed through colours. Example of use: the child sets the right number to the pearl stick. The tens transition, anyway, is interesting. This means that an addition of 10 plus the corresponding number is guaranteed automatically. Control check is executed in counting the pearl sticks and the mounting in the right series, the number of pearls is supposed to be increased. The set is composed of 1 mounting (1 to 10), 1 mounting (11-20) 1 complete pearl material for setting of the mountings.

Orders are at the moment only possible on our german homepage. For more details look at pearl stairs with mounting, 1-20 at our german homepage.

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