Maria Montessori

Probably many children were born the 31/8/1870. One of them was born as single child of Renilde and Alessandro Montessori. She was given the name Maria.

During her childhood the parents educated Maria to social responsibility and to assistance in household. The early gained independence and so acquired self-confidence strengthened her for mastering her following way of life which was not so easy.

As Maria always showed much interest in sciences she attended a secondary school of science and technique aiming at to become an engineer against the wish of her father. Later she turned down in favour of natural science studies at the university of Rome in 1890. These studies were the base to start medicine.

Against all resistance Maria Montessori studied medicine from 1892 to 1896 and finally she acquired the doctorate the 17/8/1896. She was the first female doctor of Italy. She got experiences in her own practice and as medical assistant in various hospitals of Rome. Since 1990 Montessori took over the supervision and management of the new opened institute for the formation of teachers for handicapped persons.

After having achieved numerous impressions and cognitions in the work with handicapped she decided to start further studies. Now she aimed at fields like pedagogy, anthropology and experimental psychology.

Being successful iedn the examination Maria opened the first house for children Casa de Bambini in San Lorenzo the 6/1/1907. Maria Montessori transfers her methods from the handicapped working to normal gifted (but social neglected) pre-school children and obtains further important cognitions forming the basis of her pedagogy.

Meanwhile the Montessori pedagogy and the Montessori material is represented around the world and gains enormous reputation.

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