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nikitin logical rows, N8 | nikitin materialColour and form differentation, perception, concentration, retentiveness are trained. Examples of application: the 24 multi-coloured printed wooden dices should be combined with simple till sophisticated models. Step by step the level of dificulty will be increased. You start in simply tracing easy forms and in completing colourful series. Then you are supposed to complete rows of any forms and colours. At least complete patterns are prescribed which have to be continued with the coloured dices. Bare copies invite you to become creative and to form own series and patterns. Control for success: is realised by the booklet The article consists of 24 wooden dices, multi-coloured illustrated, 1 booklet 48 pages Material: wood, printed, spending on time Proportions: wooden dice, each 3 x 3 x 3 cm

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