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nikitin, creativo, N9 | nikitin materialThis is the communicative nikitin game. Notions are illustrated on 160 cards, built with wooden bricks, pantomimically realised, drawn or prescribed. One player presents the notion while the other players try to find out it. In practising the game phantasy, expression capability, creativity, emotional competence and flexible thinking are supported. Application examples: you will find one notion respectively on 160 cards. A rotating arrow decides in which way the children are supposed to present it. When the player rotates to red, he draws a red card. The illustrated notion must be built or set with aid of the wooden bricks. The other children should try to find out the notion. When the player draws a yellow card he must paraphrase the notion in its own words. The notion which is looked for might not be pronounced. With a blue card the notion should be traced; with a green card the player should show the notion pantomimically. The article consists of 160 illustrated cards (40 cards each colour and category); 60 playing bricks made of wood; 1 hour glass, 1 arrow which is rotating on a coloured disc

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