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Montessori practise book, 660 pages | helpful booksThe new Montessori practise book was outlined by experienced pedagogists of Montessori and therapists for children aged 4 to 8. According to the principles of the Montessori pedagogy you will find the best exercise materials in the book containing 660 pages and 1000 illustrations. The book is completely orientated on practise and offers a great variety in terms of copies, practises and handicraft works. Thanks to the exact orders, stey by step any teachers, therapists, educators and parents are able to elaborate easily for the first time the completely classic and adapted practising material for mathematic and language as well as for exercises of the practical life and perception of senses and offer all to the children. With the comprehensively described introduction of the material you will enable your children to learn easily , in an uncomplicated and independent way accompanied by successful experiences. The Montessori practise book wants to adapt the Montessori pedagogy to the current time and to the topical demands of our children and so to offer them the best support in any aspects with the didactically appropriate materials. You will find the principal rules of the Montessori pedagogy and any other Montessori methods in this book you want to work out. You will find any classic Montessori material in the practise book, a wide range of new materials in terms of the principles of the Montessori pedagogy which have been prooved of value and which will fascinate you in the future. It has been the aim to work out consciously exercises being adapted to the current level of our children. Matters of our daily environment will be embeded in the modern material, all objects and practises are supposed to be painted , trimmed, laminated in the favourite colours of the children. The Montessori practise book comprises the four main fields of practical exercises, material of senses, mathematic and language which respectively are presented in a detailled introduction. The practical practises of daily lefe are supposed to enforce the coordination of mobility and control of the child while the children are doing many exercises. Feeling and forming cards let deepen through feeling and touching important experiences of sense. The mathematic is introduced clearly to the children with counting exercises, counting bars, counting tildes, the pearl material, numeric prickling, numeric stitching, copies for small books with amounts of pearls and numbers, change of category with the pearl material, copies for doing arithmetic calculations, bank games, hundreds and thousands chains, sticks of numbers and values. The language material leads the child to deepen the vocabulary with vocabulary cards, to exercises of sounds, touching, prickling, stitching, following the letters to write and read successfully. Due to the copies the child may form its own small exercise books. Each exercise provides a basis to be enlarged and deepened step by step. You will be informed about any direct and indirect learning aims about strict observation by practising, controlling of mistakes, special interests, varieties of exercises to sharpen the contents, elaborating the vocabulary of respective exercises. In addition to all information you will achieve many incentives to develop new materials to support your children at school, in the primary school, at the therapy, in the nursery school and at home without any pressure, with fun and motivation to enable your children to develop independence, self-confidence, motor coordination and motor support, clearness in the mobilisation, analysis of coordination, supporting the motor activity in the right desire to be active, any support of concentration and fitness. Besides you will get any support by learning of culture-techniques, elaborating the senses of vision, touching, hearing, weighing, smelling, tasting the stereognostic sense, discovering the arithmetic genius, understanding mathematic operations, writing and reading. The child will realise with the elaborated material the logical processes of mathematic and language. Your child will achieve the capacity of learning and of abstract thinking which is absolutly necessary in school. Promote the most important years of life of your children! Help them to do it on their own!Hand out with that material the key to understand the world! (M. Montessori) Proportions: DIN A 4, 660 pages, 1000 illustrations and copies to introduce and provide the material, weight: 2 kg

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