hundreds board with separate control board - mathematic material

hundreds board with separate control board | mathematic materialNext to the normal numeric material there is the hundreds board. On the board you will find 100 printed squares where the small numeric plates with the figures 1 up to 100 should be set. So your child achieves security in the field to 100. Examples of use: putting all numbers in the right order; setting all direct numbers, all indirect numbers; putting all numbers starting with 5 Control for success: The corresponding order of value is printed on the separate control board. Thus the child can follow whether he/she sets everything right. The article is composed of 1 board; 100 small tablets 1 to 100; 1 box, wood, keeping safe the numeric tablets; 1 board of control, separate material: wood Dimension: board, approx. 29 x 29 x 1,5 cm

Orders are at the moment only possible on our german homepage. For more details look at hundreds board with separate control board at our german homepage.

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