geometric forms and areas, 25 components - material of senses

geometric forms and areas, 25 components | material of sensesThere are various geometric figures and areas to feel, to understand, to touch the geometric forms. The children will learn to recognise the difference between the single forms. Later the children will learn to assign them to define them according to the surface, to the number of angles. Even if all arises geometry, surface calculating and volume calculating, all forms are used as help. Application example: The child uses the stereognostic sense to identify the forms. The arithmetic forms are shown to the child and defined. Later the different forms can be set in a shopping basket covered by a cloth. The child has to touch the different form and to name it The control check is done by an adult. The article is composed of 10 different forms, 14 basic fields, 1 keeping safe box for the basic fields Material: wood, blue varnished Dimensions: to compare: square: approx. 10 x 6 x 6 cm

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