geometric chest, about 100 pieces - mathematic material

geometric chest, about 100 pieces | mathematic materialYour child will regard geometry as favourite subject with the geometric chest. With the various wooden sticks the child is able to put down all difficult geometric forms fast as the wind. The wooden sticks can be connected with each other, so relocatable figures will arise, which leads to an ideal preparation of calculations of area. Example for using: The child obtains the exercise to set any geometric areas like triangles, angles.. Control for success: The form set by the child has to correspond to the the exercise the teacher asked for. The set consists of 1 keeping safe box with lid, approx. 40 x 29 x 4 cm; 10 sticks, wood, 21 cm; 10 sticks, wood, 19 cm; 10 sticks, wood, 17 cm; 10 sticks, wood, 15 cm; 10 sticks, wood, 13 cm; 10 sticks, wood, 11 cm; 10 sticks, wood, 9 cm; 10 sticks, wood, 7 cm; 10 sticks, wood, 5 cm; 10 sticks wood, 3 cm; 2 half-circles, 11 cm; 2 half-circles, 7 cm; 40 connections, 150 pins to fix the figures on cork

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