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english vocabulary quatrain, set, 144 cards | EnglishMeanwhile the children already are confronted with English as foreign language in the primary school. Especially important is the extension of the english vocabulary. The different quatrains contain respectively four cards for a special topic, for example, holidays, shop, house, information, body... The quatrains are used by children or by groups up to 6 children to extend together the vocabulary in team-work. The learning of the words might be improved in assigning the printing picture to the text. Examples of using: Several children in one group work with the quatrains and try to get respectively four equal cards. The children ask for the missing card and say: Please give me the coins. In single practise with the english material the part of the text is covered. The child is supposed to name the correct expression. The article is composed of 1 keeping safe box, plastic, approx. 32 x 15 x 4,5 cm, 6 quatrains with 24 cards each, tough, made of plastic, approx. 9,5 x 6,7 cm 6 quatrains collecting boxes, plastic, approx. 10,5 x 8,5 x 2,5 cm

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