cone of fraction, set of 11 components - mathematic material

cone of fraction, set of 11 components | mathematic materialWith this article children get the first experience handling with fractions. The cones just simply demonstrate arithmetical fractions like , 1/3 , . So the basics are formed for calculating with fractions later. Another useful practise is to learn the subset about proportions of the single cones. Application examples: The complete cone as the dimension of 1/1 is presented to the child. Then the cone is divided into two parts with 1/1. Then you divide it and get the result of one and a half. Now you are doing the same procedure with the other cones. Contro check: the single pieces of cones have different colours and only match colourfully with each other. The article consists of 1 baseboard, 1 cone (1/1), 1 cone () two pieces, 1 cone (1/3) three pieces, 1 cone () four pieces material: wood, partly varnished Proportions: baseboard, approx. 33 x 8 x 1,5 cm diameter of the cone, approx. 5,5 cm, height: 12 cm

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