colourful and golden pearl stairs - pearl material

colourful and golden pearl stairs | pearl materialThe colourful pearl material is the favourite calculating material. The different number of the pearls and the various colours stand respectively for the value of a figure. It is the ideal way to continue working with figures and chips, spindles chest. Examples for use: The pearl stair is used for simple exercises of addition and substraction or as setting material to the 'Seguin' tablets. Control for success: It depends on the use of the material. A permanent control is guaranteed by the colour of the pearls and the number of the pearls. The article consists of 1 keeping safe box, wood; one pair of pearl stairs, complete, colourful (1-10) 8 x tens bead-moulding, 1 keeping safe box of wood, 1 bead for golden pearls, 10 golden bead-mouldings; material: pearls, plastic, lined with wire Dimensions: safe keeping boxes, 13 x 8 x 2,5 cm approx.; pearls: diameter: approx. 7Mm

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