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century chain, colours of Montessori | MontessoriPlusIt is the simpliest way to understand any periods of time! The century chain provides that any periods of time are comprehensible and visible. Each bullet on the century chain stands for one year. Hereby the children are supported by counting with the Montessori colours. The green pearls (8mm) mark the single years of a century, the blue pearls (10 mm) mark a decade, and last but not least, the red pearls (12 mm) mark a century. The century chains can be hung together endlessly to present more centuries and milleniums. Four different copies are added which can be formed according to own wishes and can be hung at the century chain. The children like forming the copies. Examples of use: The century chain is hung up. Several chains can be linked to present longer periods of time. The side with the big red pearl represents the end of a century and shows to the right side while being hung up. Historical, biological and other way ways of periodic orders can be represented, for example: history of a town, inventions, background annotations for public holidays, evolution... Control for success: The children are just counting up the pearls to get to the wished year, being supported by the known Montessori colours. The set consists of 1 century chain with 100 pearls made of wood, approx. 96 cm; 4 copies, 1 manual, 1 small keeping safe bag of cotton.

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