brown stairs, set of 11 elements - material of senses

brown stairs, set of 11 elements | material of sensesHereby the child learns the changes of proportions in two dimensions. The material consists of 10 squares, each of 20 cm length. The height and width of the squares change respectively one centimetre. Application example: The child will be given word comparisions to form expressions, e.g. thick and thin (opposite) the child is supposed to form the comparision thick, thicker, thickest and the opposite thin, thinner, thinnest. Control for success: getting results in the harmony of the stair scale as well as putting the smallest square to reach for the next step height. The set is composed of 10 squares, brown, massive wood, 1 additional small square, material: wood proportions of the biggest square: approx. 20 x 10 x 10 cm proportions of the smallest square: approx. 20 x 1 x 1 cm

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