box with draperies - material of senses

box with draperies | material of sensesThe box with draperies promotes the sensibility in the tips of the fingers. With closed eyes the child may differ the various draperies and so may name the cloth or the quality. Examples of use: The child maintains any drapery in its hands and thanks to the range of draperies it chooses the appropriate one. Control check: After the child had found out two draperies which belong together, he/she is supposed to remove the blindfold to control the appearance of the draperies. The article is composed of 1 keeping safe box, approx. 48 x 20,5 x 3 cm; 20 drapery rectangles, approx. 19 x 15 cm, respectively 2 of the same material (jeans, cord, stitch) Material: wood, textile

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