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board of multiplication and division in a set | mathematic materialWorking with the boards of multiplication and division facilitates enormously the presentation of multiplication and division operations in the numeric field up to 100. So it is possible to practise all in a simple way and with a visible illustration. Example of use: board of multiplication The child chooses one numeric card and puts it down in the prescribed gap in the multiplication board. On the edge above of the board the multiplicating number is marked with a red dot. In counting the red pearls now are set on corresponding to the exercise. Take the following example: 4 x 3. This means 4 rows with 3 pearls. Board of division: You choose some green pearls and put them in a small bowl and count them, now you choose the divisor in putting the respective amount of figures at the green scale of the division board. Now it is the duty of the child to order to each figure the same amount of pearls. Take the following example 30 : 5 means 6 pearls for each figure. Control for success: it is simply possible in counting up and comparing. The set consists of 100 red bullets, 1 red chip, 10 small plates 1-10, 9 green cones, 81 green bullets 1 board of division, approx. 22,5 x 22,5; 1 board of multiplication approx. 22,5 x 22,5 cm material: wood, varnished

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