biological material

animal puzzle, set of 5 pieces

animal puzzle, set of 5 piecesWith the puzzle the child sees the single components of the various animals and learn to name them. Biological connections will become comprehensible. Examples of use: the child receives some comp ... more details

biological card set, 43 pieces

biological card set, 43 piecesThe biological card set shows to the children various forms of parts of plants. The children learn how to define them and so they deepen their vocabulary skills, moreover, they internalise the details ... more details

biological chest, complete

biological chest, completeThe biological chest provides the complete biological material for the different forms of leaves and blossoms. As you will find almost all forms in the chest the children will soon learn to know and t ... more details

insect puzzle, set of 3 elements

insect puzzle, set of 3 elementsChildren are very interested in any insects and want to experience further details. With the 3 puzzles the children have the ideal basic to name the single puzzle pieces and to deal activly with the i ... more details

puzzles of plants

puzzles of plantsThe child recognises the single components of a plant with the puzzle and learns to name them. He/She acquires knowledge of biological contexts. Example of use: some setting boards are handed out ... more details

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