big Africa puzzle, 57 x 44 cm - geographic material

big Africa puzzle, 57 x 44 cm | geographic materialIt is possible for every child to get a lot of information of Africa with this puzzle. The single states are respectively represented by an own feature of the state and have different colours. You might show your child the Ivory Coast, the states of Kenia, South Africa... Examples of using: All sections will be left and the child will set them in the ground board again by naming the single states. Control for success: The African states are only adjustable un the prescribed sections of the ground board. The article is composed of 1 ground board, wood, approx. 57 x 44 cm; 38 parts showing the single African states.

Orders are at the moment only possible on our german homepage. For more details look at big Africa puzzle, 57 x 44 cm at our german homepage.

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